Marketing Your Home

Marketing a home requires three components: range, reach, and influence.

Range is the internet. The internet is the most widely used and powerful source for finding information. Newspapers, by comparison, are a different source with shrinking range. 

Reach are websites on the internet with traffic. When your property is keyed into BrightMLS, they display on every major real estate and brokerage website for viewing. All professional brokerages offer the same reach.

Influence is the defining ingredient between a successful or unsuccessful home sale. Influence is defined by the effect we have on how we market your home to 1) attract buyers and 2) affect their decision process. Influencing buyers is some of the most critical work we do.

A Custom Home Marketing Plan is founded on the premise that a buyer is statisically more willing to compromise on a home than on the community.

For Example: If your dream home is located in a geographically undesirable location, you are not likely to buy it. However, if a less than ideal home is located in the community of your dreams, you are likely to give it a serious consideration.

Applied to our marketing plan, this philosophy is the concept that the life you enjoyed while you lived in your home would inspire someone else to want that home and have that life.

This custom plan is a collaborative plan

To properly market a life lived in the home you enjoyed requires a collaborative process between us. You know your home better than anyone. You know what has made life in your home and community special. Once we understand that experience we can market your home with passion and skill.

The process of understanding and marketing your life through your home is the perfect blend of automation and creativity.